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Fengshui for Health in 2014

Anyone can make use of the following auspicious dates to activate for the well-being of your mind and body.

Please take note of which date to activate, if you have Pig or Snake in your Bazi.

2 dates to choose from …


Fengshui for health

1. 16th April 2014, 1130hr

– North East 1 sector of your house

(This day Clash with Pig)

This is a “Remove day” to eliminate any illnesses.

Clean up and shift or arrange the furnitures in North East 1 sector of your house.

Bazi with Pig will want to use the following date.


Fengshui for health

2. 4th May 2014, 1130hr

– South West 1 sector of your house

(This day Clash with Snake)

Bazi with Snake please use the other alternative date.

You may activate both dates if possible.

Good Luck and Good Health!