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Genesa Crystal


For those who have never heard of Genesa Crystal, you are losing out big time.
Genesa crystal has the ability to make visible the invisible,
make visible the geometry of the energy fields that envelope our third dimensional system and penetrate it to the core.

This is not found naturally.
Truth is Genesa crystal is not really a crystal.
Although its shape is in the form of a crystalline structure,
a cub-octahedron (image above), discovered by agricultural geneticist and author, Dr. Derald Langham.

Dr Langham derived this eight point shape from the cellular pattern of an embryonic living organism.

Benefits of Genesa Crystal

Genesa crystal has the ability to draw the life-force energy contained within all form, cleanses and balance the energy and releases it back to the form.

For people who do meditation, sitting between three of these Genesa Crystals,
helps you to connect with the spiritual angelic or faerie realm. (They are said to be attracted to Genesa Crystal’s energy field.)

Having one Genesa Crystal indoor and you can bask in the resulting energy field.

Choose a crystal related to what you are working with (clear quartz, rose quartz, ruby, moonstones, ruby, tourmaline, etc) to enhance the energy field and manifest faster.


Make Your Own Genesa Crystal

You can’t seem to get Genesa crystal in Singapore or Asia.
So why don’t we make our own !


Genesa crystal.jpg

The silver Genesa Crystal in the picture above were handmade by me out of the cardboard sheet of silver-colored paper, you can buy in craft stores. The only problem with these is that the paper is very soft and the crystals may need to be reshaped from time to time – otherwise they are great!

The instructions to make these were generously provided by the folks at Young Design and you can find them below.

Genesa crystal.jpg

Try and make your own Genesa Crystal !

Genesa Crystal Jewelry


The people at Ka Gold Jewelry offer hand-made Genesa Crystal Pendants in silver and gold, with and without crystal inside.

The silver pendant without a crystal cost $57 and with a ruby crystal (pictured above) cost around $99.

Here is a video showing how its handmade and fabricated.

Genesa Crystal


I hope you will consider working with Genesa Crystals, I find them to be a wonderful tool to work with. I know some of them can be very pricey but, since you can make your own–out of paper if you want, anyone can afford to work with them.

Picture below shows a black tourmaline placed in the centre of my Genesa Crystal.


Black tourmaline’s crystal energy is thus enhanced by the energy field of the Genesa Crystal. Great for achieving inner peace and releasing old patterns.

Also enhances one to achieve full communion with higher guidance,
so that each act and thought is a manifestation of the Light.

You can experiment with other crystals

Let me know how it goes!